Cook Sees Injured Veteran Struggling to Eat Pancakes with 1 Hand, Grabs Silverware

Acts of kindness come in all shapes and sizes. They can be grandiose, sweeping shows of generosity only affordable by the wealthy, or they can be thoughtful actions that illustrate a tender heart and willing compassion

Any act of kindness takes a person outside of themselves: it requires observational skills and selflessness.
In today’s society, with people glued to their screens, it can be difficult to recognize these opportunities that are all around us every day

One elderly gentleman was the recipient of a benevolent act, even though it was small. But sometimes we’re in situations where the everyday mundane becomes an insurmountable obstacle

He was eating at Huddle House in Douglas, Georgia. He’d just ordered a stack of pancakes, and was getting ready to dig in

It’s a little difficult to tell what’s hindering him, but according to a restaurant patron, he’s a veteran whose hand was shot off. Dallas Smith Jr., also in the restaurant at the time, noticed him struggling to cut his pancakes with only one usable hand

Someone else noticed, too, though, and swept in to save the morning. A cook came over and started cutting the hotcakes into bite-size morsels, and that’s when Smith started filming

The diner is noisy, but by the way she moves and amid the general hum of breakfast time you can catch bits of conversation. She seems to be talking to the older man and the younger man sitting across from him
“Fellow trying to eat his pancakes with one hand,” wrote Dallas Smith Jr. to Love What Matters. “The cook saw it, went over and cut them up for him”

What a considerate thing to do! The gentleman waits, tapping his foot, as she does her good deed.

Some commenters were peeved that the young, seemingly able-bodied man sitting across from him did not step up and cut the pancakes

They made general disparaging remarks about youth these days and how selfish and self-absorbed they are. But one commenter had a very valid point to make

Megan Iris Lane-Soria pointed out that perhaps the elderly gentleman would not accept help from the younger man. In her own experience with a father who has Parkinson’s, she has seen him accept help from strangers but not from those close to him

“It’s a pride thing,” she wrote. “But he also won’t yell at a stranger who doesn’t know he doesn’t want the help”

Based on the number of positive reactions her comment got, it looks like a lot of other readers also agree with her. And, after the cook cuts the pancakes, the young man reaches across and pours syrup on them, showing that he’s not unaware of what’s happening or unwilling to lend a hand

Smith also revealed to AJC news that before he started recording, the young man had been reaching over to help with the pancakes, but the cook saw and said “I’ll get it!”

This move made Smith happy “This day and time, when you see that, it gives you hope. I’m a Christian and it’s the closest thing to Jesus I’ve seen in a long time

These little shows of compassion make me smile. Keep your eyes open, and maybe you’ll find your chance to brighten someone else’s day!

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