Boy Injured During Car Wreck, What Firefighter Does Next Has Photo Going Viral

A fireman was praised after being pictured playing “Happy Feet” from his phone in an attempt to comfort a young boy who was thrown from a car during a wreck.

The Jackson County, Mississippi, boy was approached by firefighter Casey Lessard after he was found lying in the middle of the road following the car crash.

“One of our local firemen calmed a kid down by showing him Happy Feet on his phone,” the Imgur user wrote alongside a photo of Lessard playing the children’s movie on his cell phone. “The kid was terrified after him and four others were ejected from a vehicle, so one of our firefighters laid with the kid and played cartoons on his phone to help him calm down.”

The accident took place when an SUV drove off the road and rolled over several times. Six people in the car, including five children, were taken to the hospital for injuries.

“The kids … we do whatever we can to calm them down. The video calmed him down instantly,” Lessard’s boss, Captain Darren Peterson, told the Mirror.

Lessard told USA Today about what led to him showing the boy the movie.

“Here are all these strangers and loud noises, and I only imagine he was hurting every way, so I talked to him and asked him questions,” he said. “He kept reaching out for a hug, but we couldn’t take him off the backboard because he could have had spinal injuries. He just wanted someone to be there for him.”

It was then that Lessard got on the ground and started comforting him.

“His favorite color is yellow and green. He likes turtles, and he likes ‘Paw Patrol,’” he said. “I’m not sure what that is, but it sounds like a cartoon about dog police officers?”

Chief Gerald Smith praised Lessard for his efforts.

“I know it’s something that Casey will never forget. More than likely if the child is old enough to remember it as he grows older, he’ll never forget it, and he’ll realize that there was a firefighter there to help him,” Smith said.

Many readers joined in the praise, applauding the firefighter for being there for the boy.

“What a great father you will be for what you did for the young man. Thank you so much for being there to help him calm down. God Bless you and watch over you,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“Our first responders at their finest. Bless you. I would hope if had been my child someone like [this] man would [be] there for my child,” another wrote.

“Media only puts bad crap don’t want us to know there still lots of good people out there,” another added.

Sources: Mirror, Mad World News/Facebook / Featured Image: Dino Kuznik/Flickr / Embedded Images: Imgur via Mirror

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