This Dad Murdered The Man Who Raped His Daughter, And Now He’s Going To Prison For 40 Years

When Julia Maynor, now 24, was between the ages of 4 and 9, she was repeatedly raped by her maternal grandfather, Raymond Brooks. Brooks only served 27 months of his five-year sentence for molesting her. Julia told Alabama News that she didn’t remember when the abuse started but knew that it happened long enough that she thought it was completely normal.

She said he made her feel like he loved her in a different way than her mom and dad did. Julia said that in 2014, she was talking to her dad about the abuse, but, she doesn’t remember exactly what she said that upset her father so much.

Her dad, Jay Maynor, just snapped with a rage so strong that he drove over to the grandfather’s house and shot and killed him.
According to reports, on his way to the grandfather’s house, he fired shots into a convenience store after seeing another man who had allegedly abused his stepdaughter.

Maynor took a plea deal so Julia wouldn’t have to testify in court. Jay Manor will now spend the next 40 years in prison for killing the man who abused his daughter for several years.

Julia said that her dad was just protecting her just like any father would do. She added that he is an amazing dad and he loves his family very much.

Julia believes the sentence her dad got was unfair. Julia told Alabama news that she is going through hell and that she feels like it is all her fault.

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