Farmer Sick Of What He’s Seeing — Plows Giant Message Into Field

President Donald Trump responded to a farmer in North Dakota who plowed a message into his field.

Farmer Gene Hanson considers himself a big supporter of the national anthem. When football players in the NFL began kneeling during the anthem in protest before games, Hanson wanted to send a message stating how he felt about the issue.

To share his message, Hanson chose to use the best platform he could think of: his 850-acre farm.

Since harvest season was over, Hanson decided to plow a clear message into his field. According to All That’s News, the message read, “We stand for the National Anthem.”

Photos of Hanson’s field quickly spread on social media and eventually, the story made its way to the president.

“Thank you Gene Hanson – a GREAT American (and farmer) who is standing up for our flag, our anthem, and our country!” Trump tweeted, sharing a link to an article about Hanson and his message.

Hanson said in an interview with “Fox & Friends” on Fox News that the message was not intended to show any disrespect to those who feel passionately about protesting issues such as racism and police brutality.

“I didn’t think it was anything about black, white or brown, Democrat or Republican,” Hanson said. “It was all about honoring our flag and our country. There’s a lot of people that died for it, so I thought that it should be honored.”

He added, “I go with Trump on this one. If you want to protest, that’s not the place to do it. A lot of people died over our flag. We’re able to voice our opinion because of it. If you’re going to show respect for anything, do it for the national anthem.”

Hanson has previously plowed a number of messages into his field, including, “Drain the Swamp,” “Blue Lives Matter,” “Trump” and “GOP get your act together.”

Readers of Fox News shared their thoughts on the story.

“Being a farm wife in rural Nebraska, I understand the time, money, and effort this North Dakota farmer did to make this happen,” one reader commented. “I applaud him for his efforts. If you look over the country side during harvest, you will see combines proudly fly the American flag while harvesting grain. You will see the American flags on top of very high grain bins and even grain cooperatives. You will see the flag displayed on the bills of their hats. You will see flags neatly tucked on their mantles of their loved ones that lost their lives for the freedoms we have. These hard working men and women still kneel to pray each day before harvest begins and still stands (with hats off) for this country and its symbols of freedom. Maybe the NFL should take note of this….”
“Good man, this farmer,” another user wrote.

Sources: All That’s News, Fox News / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Gene Hanson via Fox News.

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