Lady Gets Pulled Over And Goes On Rant So Funny, Even The Officer Can’t Keep His Composure

When you get pulled over by the police, it usually is not the most pleasant of experiences. While the cops are just doing their job, it is never fun to get a ticket. However, for one woman, she turned a situation that was not the most pleasant into one that was fun for both her and the officer. This is definitely a situation that the cop, or this woman are unlikely to ever forget. For this officer who likely gets a lot of backlash for tickets each day, this one particular woman definitely brightened his day.

An officer pulled over Jennifer Jermany, who just happens to be a comedian. She had Brandy Adams, a friend, in the vehicle with her and she is the one who took the video of the entire encounter.

When the officer pulled the ladies over, they got the standard questioning that comes with a routine traffic stop. The officer asked for the normal documentation and Jermany provided it promptly. However, after going through the routine elements of the traffic stop, Jermany decided that she was going to exit her vehicle and thank the cop for being kind and respectful throughout the traffic stop. She also wanted to let the cop know that she found him to be incredibly handsome.

She told the officer that he was the hottest cop to ever pull her over. She further told him that he was so nice and respectful. She told him that he communicated what he needed and then she noticed how hot he was. She told him that if the department hired more cops that looked like him that there would not be violence anymore because people would just do whatever he asked of them. She told him that his smile was enough to end violence and make people want to comply.

She told the cop that he could bring peace to the Middle East. She also told him that she was going to enjoy watching him walk back to his vehicle. She said that she could tell that he works out and that she appreciates the work done by God in creating such a fine human specimen.

The officer told her that it was very nice to meet her and he told her that he appreciated everything that she had to say. This was certainly not your routine traffic stop, but it is one that certainly made the day better for everyone involved. This includes the officer’s wife because Jermany contacted her and congratulated her on marrying such a kind and handsome man.

If you are looking for a video that is both funny and heartwarming, this is the one that you want to watch. Too often the media likes to only show cops in a bad light, so seeing a civilian and an officer having a good time during a traffic stop will certainly bring a smile to your face. After watching it, you will see why it did not take long for the funny video to go viral on social media.

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