Military Dad Returns Home To Surprise Son, Broke My Heart When He Says These Five Words To Dad

When it comes to touching videos on the Internet, there’s nothing quite like a military homecoming. We could watch each and every one that we come across (and we usually do), as there is no match for the raw emotion that takes place after a reunion like this. These stories often require a healthy amount of Kleenex to get through. Watching a member of the military reunite with their loved ones after a long time away puts their level of sacrifice into proper perspective.

The Kohn family recently made just such a sacrifice when their father Gabe was deployed in South Korea. His wife Frankie and their children would be without their husband and father for an extended period of time as a result. Unfortunately, this caused Gabe to miss most of the first year of his daughter’s life. He even wrote a sad Facebook post about his inability to make to her first birthday.

After spending eight months abroad, Gabe was finally given the chance to reunite with his beloved family. He couldn’t wait to see his wife and his little girl, but he did not want to forget about his little boy either. 3 year old Michael also missed his father terribly and Gabe decided that he would make the moment truly special by showing up at the playground of his preschool.

He waited for Michael’s back to be turned before sneaking up behind him and calling his name. This led to one of the most heartwarming moments that we have ever seen. The five words that Michael said to his father will definitely touch your heart. When he first saw his father, the first words that he could think to say were “you came back for me!”

This is a sweet moment and we’re glad that Gabe took the time to plan it out. The family will only get to enjoy a few weeks together before Gabe is slated to go back to South Korea, so here’s hoping that they are able to get the most out of their time together. Now that Gabe comes home to an empty dorm room every day, he truly appreciates the prospect of spending time with the people who mean the most to him.

Their next reunion will not take place until early next year. In the meantime, we would like to take this time to express our gratitude towards all of the soldiers who are willing to sacrifice their time with loved ones in order to serve and protect our great nation.

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