Punk Tries To Rob Store At Gunpoint, Doesn’t Realize Who’s Waiting Behind The Counter For Him

This thief probably never expected the cashier he tried to rob to react quite like this. At a Weston, Florida Walgreens, a man is seen on security video approaching the counter to pay for an item. The cashier rings up the purchase and leans over to put it in a bag. The criminal is seen pulling out a gun and pointing it at the employee.

The cashier’s reaction is remarkably calm, as he puts the now bagged item on the counter and the thief appears to be asking for money from the cash register.

He never gets a cent, as the cashier remains calm and stares at the man. The thief, not getting what he asked for, takes his bag and walks away and out of the store, tucking his gun into his pocket.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office detectives are still in search of the suspect, whose face was partially seen in the security camera footage. He didn’t make off with any money, but did steal ice cream and candy. He was seen wearing a red hoodie.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, the brave clerk was identified as 26-year-old Jayson Shipp. As for his even demeanor in the face of possible danger, he explained: “I honestly didn’t see a reason to. He seemed like an amateur.”

The police believe the man who attempted the robbery has also done this at other Broward County stores.

The story was shared on Facebook, with many people weighing in with comments, such as this person’s note:

“He looked at that devil in the eyes, and he had no choice but to flee. To God be the glory! God was his shield.”

Another commenter shared:

“Never would I have done that, I would have given him my money!! God blessed the clerk!!!” and another added: “F**k that, take the money…they have plenty…it’s only a cool story because no one got hurt, this time.”

One commenter shared a similar story, writing:

“Something similar happened at a Walgreens here in Nashville. The Halloween before last, a person came to rob the cashier and the young man thought it was a Halloween costume. He stood there laughing confusing the robber who quickly ran out afterwards. That’s when the cashier realized it was serious and called his manager who called the cops.”

Many people agreed that this attempted robbery could have had a very different outcome and that the cashier was very lucky, with one person noting: “I’m so glad for the cashier that things went the way it did. Angels are watching over you young man. Nothing but mad love for you.”

Others agreed that it’s probably always the best policy to just give a thief what they want in that circumstance, with one commenter sharing:

“Give up the cash. It’s not yours. It’s insured. Don’t risk your life for your boss. – Small business (with cash registers) owner.”

Another commenter added: “Wasn’t a smart move on the clerk’s behalf. This could’ve had a different ending. Hopefully they catch the suspect.”

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