Sick of Package Thieves, Man Employs Special Ammo

During the holiday season, there’s almost nothing worse than a thief.

Gifts sent through the mail are often left out in the open. Thoughtful presents bought with hard-earned money can disappear in seconds under these conditions.

With 11 million package thefts happening every year, the situation seems hopeless for those who cannot afford to monitor their property at all hours of the day. Deliveries continue to go missing because of this.

Jaireme Barrow of Tacoma, Washington, was sick and tired of that exact thing happening, Tribunist reports. Using some 12-gauge shotgun shells and a little ingenuity, Barrow designed a non-lethal deterrent to keep his deliveries safe. Since a shotgun is roughly twice as loud as a chainsaw, the sudden noise virtually ensures the shock of a lifetime.

Barrow removed the projectile from the shell, creating something that sounds exactly as loud as a shotgun firing, with none of the damage.


Thankfully for us, Barrow also had the foresight to install a camera.

So with some fishing line, a shell, a dummy box, and a warning sign promising that the “Package is armed,” the trap was set.

With almost 900,000 views, the message is spreading way beyond his hometown.

After realizing he had a potentially marketable product that would help people, Barrow decided to put together The Blank Box. This gives anyone in the country the opportunity to rig their own dummy packages, scaring off would-be thieves.

Maybe thieves who pick up one of these will think twice before targeting a home again.

The video below shows an in-depth construction of Barrow’s device.

It’s not outside the realm of possibility to see would-be thieves suing over this. Today’s culture has done everything it can to coddle the evildoer.

When taking matters into their own hands, victims sometimes wind up on the wrong side of the law.

We certainly hope Mr. Barrow succeeds with his product. It’s time everyday Americans had a chance to fight back against package thieves.

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