Nikki Haley Just Obliterated Wolf Blitzer on Live TV — And IT. WAS. AWESOME!

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley took some time from her busy schedule to speak with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer this month, boldly attempting to bring some sense to the network that has become infamous for its peddling of fake news in recent years. As expected, Blitzer attempted to attack Haley over the decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, but things did not go his way at all.
Wolf almost immediately began railing into the Ambassador, pressuring her over whether or not the decision to recognize Jerusalem meant that the United States was picking a side in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Haley said that the move did not mean that the Palestinians were not being excluded, however, and told him that the foundation for the move was actually laid out 22 years ago, under the Clinton administration. Since then, however, no president has had the courage to actually follow through with it. Until now, that is.

“When President Reagan made that famous speech that said ‘Mr. Gorbachev bring down this wall,’ all of the people around him told him it was a bad idea,” Haley said on air. “Sometimes you have to take risks. Courage leads to leadership, leadership leads to peace.”

Blitzer next attempted to accuse the Ambassador and the President of supporting Israeli settlements being built on Palestinian land, but Haley seemed prepared for this shot as well. “This is just talking about the embassy being moved to the capital of Israel,” she told the audience. “We have long said that settlements are not a good idea…the Israelis are very familiar with us telling them that we don’t think it’s a good idea, especially when we are moving through this peace process. And we are going to continue to say that.”

Wolf probably should have known better than to try and back Haley into a corner or paint her in a bad light. Maybe next time he trots out his fake news and flawed facts, he does a bit more homework. But at least the few people who still watch CNN got a lesson from it. Hopefully it sunk in and they actually learned something from it!

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